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Trade and Trading Network

Our trading network: We have own trading company which including retail centers, whole sales, distributers and delivery service in Mongolian wide. Our trading company is one of the biggest and systemic trading companies in Mongolia.

In Oversea Trade Frame

We have cooperated with companies of China, Vietnam, Japan, African Angolan, America, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Cambodia and India etc. Our main suppliers from Brazil for cut rugs, Japan for filter towel, India for cut rugs and paper products from China. Recent we exporting own products to Vietnam, African Angolan, Kazakhstan and Cambodia etc.

About us

"Mongol Tobacco So" Co., Ltd is the Mongolian leading national company, with 8 of Mongolian top and 2 international brands and products sold in Mongolian and international markets. The National Leading Company “Mongol Tobacco So” Co., Ltd had founded in 2001s. Since 2001s, the company has held a very stable share of 40% in the domestic market and we distribute our products through local partners. We are one of the biggest tax payment enterprises into…



"Mongol Tobacco So" Co., Ltd currently has an annual production capacity of 2,500,000,000 cigarette sticks per year. At the moment we use 50% of it, this figure includes an undisclosed amount of export to foreign countries like Angolan, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

The mark of machines Model Facility
Passim cigarette maker YJ19 8000 sticks per minute
Chang Cheng wrapping machine for super slime cigarettes YJ15 6400 sticks per minute
GDX2-CH is a high-speed model, capable of producing 400 hinge-lid packets per minute YB45B 400 packages per minute
YB43 cigarette carton packing machine for round corner package YB43 120 packages per minute
YB43 cigarette carton packing machine for squar corner package and super slime packages YB43 170 packages per minute
YL23 filter maker YL23 250 miter per minute

Cooperation Offers

You can sale our brands into your market
You can get your desired quantity products manufactured by us in order to your exact specifications
You can buy your desired quantity and high quality cellulose acetate filter from us
We would like to produce international brands of multinational companies in our factory for their distributers
We would like to import to sale other food products into Domestic market

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